When you’re looking to integrate ITS systems into your new or existing networks, you need a partner that can appreciate the challenges faced by professionals like you in the traffic safety and efficiencies arena. We tailor our services to your specific industry and take pride in providing you with top-quality ITS products underpinned by rock-solid support.

Municipal Traffic Managers

Traffic technology is developing at a rapid pace to keep up with global demand. We help municipal traffic managers, traffic signal supervisors, signal managers, traffic technologists, and traffic signal system analysts to stay ahead of the curve.

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Building & Property Managers

When you’re a private facility owner or operator, operations manager, general manager or anyone in charge of the management of a property, the navigation of the overwhelming amount of traffic solutions on the market can take needless time. We make it as effortless as possible for you.

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Engineering Designers

Stinson ITS provides engineering designers, transportation managers, and ITS project managers, as well as traffic- and transportation engineers with practical solutions for spec documentation and the traffic-management component of structural projects.

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Construction & Project Managers

Project managers, estimators, site supervisors, safety officers, site managers, operations managers and project coordinators all require practical solutions for traffic management in and around building sites. We ensure that you have the very best traffic management tech at your disposal.

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Academic Officers

Stinson ITS provides academic officers, accelerators, institutional members, professors, directors and researchers with traffic management solutions for research purposes, collaborative ventures and more. We focus on the technology; you focus on the data.

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Policy Decision Makers

Mayors, chiefs of staff, ministers, managing directors, CEOs, CTOs and ADMs on traffic management projects carry a heavy burden of responsibility as policy decision-makers. We lighten the load by paving the way for safer streets and reduced congestion with innovative tech.

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