The Westcotec Mobile Phone Detection Warning System is comprised of two units – a detector that picks up various mobile signals from 2G, 3G and 4G and an LED display that notifies motorists to cease using their mobile devices. Using a directional antenna, the detector station picks up a radio signal from the antenna assembly, lighting up the sign with an image reminding drivers that they should be concentrating on the road.

What the Westcotec Phone Detection Warning System Offers

The Westcotec Phone Detection Warning System is the first such system to have a direct interaction with a mobile phone offender. Using a directional antenna, the system detects radio waves emitted from a phone handset and measures the signal strength and length of activation. Short, low strength detections are ignored, as are high strength, very short-duration signals. With these parameters, activations caused by background data transfers on inactive phones, such as logging into the network, or receiving an email are not treated as an offense.

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Solar or AC-Powered

Versatile power options allow for maximum power efficiencies, and its super-low power consumption allows for consistent solar powering.</p

Detects 3G, 4G & Bluetooth

Accurately detects calls, texts or data usage with ongoing Bluetooth filtering to reduce false calls consistently.

No Invasion of Privacy

Absolutely no personal identifying information or data is collected, and all unique IDs are immediately discarded.

Portable System

Portable trailers and super-simple quick-release mounting kits are available to compliment this innovative system.

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