At Stinson ITS, we understand the unique needs of municipal traffic managers, traffic signal supervisors, signals managers, traffic technologists, and traffic signal system analysts. Whether you specialize in traffic operations, project management or do duty as a transportation service director, you always have to have your finger on the pulse of traffic management. Our goal is to provide you with intelligent traffic management technology that will allow you to do your job efficiently and effectively.

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You understand your unique challenges and requirements – we are here to help you find the solution that ticks every one of your must-have boxes. Reach out to us anytime for your own personal no-charge, no obligation one-on-one professional consultation to see how we can help make your job easier.

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Stay Ahead of the Curve

With traffic technology moving so fast, it’s critical that those in a municipal traffic management role, stay in the know about new and emerging technologies. Technologies that can help them keep their streets safer while running at maximum efficiency. By partnering with a trusted partner like Stinson ITS, you can rest assured always to remain ahead of the curve.

Solve Problems Before They Occur

As we all know, when problems occur from a traffic management standpoint, the results can be range from troublesome to devastating. Let’s work together to address issues before they occur in your system. We have the expert techs in the field of ITS to help you to identify and prevent problems, well before they become emergencies.

Enjoy Scalable Solutions

At Stinson ITS, we believe that traffic solutions should address the most pressing issues first and remain exceptionally scalable over time. Our open architecture software and technology allows for maximum flexibility when integrating into new or legacy infrastructure. Our team will assist you in finding the perfect option that can easily grow with any of your existing systems.

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