The LORIX One is a LoRaWAN IoT gateway designed for the creation of large-scale public networks. The device’s technology allows it to communicate with the internet without 3G or WiFi connection.

Stinton ITS - Suppliers of LORIX One IP43 and IP65 Gateways

Main System

ARM Cortex-A5 600MHz

128MBytes DDR2 200MHZ

HW < 1.0d : 256MBytes flash with PMECC
HW > 1.0d2 : 512MBytes flash with PMECC


Linux Yocto 4.4
Base configuration and factory reset

Prebuilt with
LORIOT cloud client
TNN cloud client
Semtech packet-forwarder
SSH Server
Toolchain/sources completely open


The IP43 edition is a semi-waterproof gateway with a drilled closing cap consisting of three holes. The holes allow water to drain in the event of condensation.

The IP65 edition is a waterproof gateway with a pre-drilled closing cap best suited for areas that experience water splashes from multiple directions.

The main difference between the two is in the holes beneath the cap. A gateway IP65 can become IP43 by drilling the needed holes if it is to be moved into a different place. Drilling the plug allows users to modify their IP65 gateway to IP43, useful if the latter must be moved to a site with different constraints.

Details (IP43 and IP65 version)

Dimensions (IP43 and IP65 version)

Antenna (IP43 and IP65 version) – INDOOR

Indoor 200mm (7,87 inches) inclinable antenna @ 2dBi (only for EU868 version)

Antenna (IP43 and IP65 version) – OUTDOOR

Outdoor IP65 500mm (19,68 inches) antenna @ 4.15dBi

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