We understand the challenges that our clients face when integrating ITS systems into new or existing networks. We also appreciate that those in the traffic safety and efficiencies field, require ongoing support and a partner they can count on, that’s why we focus on providing problem-free top-quality ITS products and ongoing support.

Design Consultation

System & Component Architecture and Design

As leaders in ITS Space, we understand the important benefits of being involved in a project’s development at it’s earliest stages. Too many ITS projects fall victim to expensive last-minute re-works and modifications, well after budgets were set. Our experienced staff of project managers have the insight you need to ensure that you get a design consultation that cuts through the noise and delivers a project that’s on point, and on budget. Whether it’s collaborating with stakeholders on a broad ITS system architecture development or very specific component design, we have the talent to meet all of your project requirements.

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Product Supply

Supply of Sensors, Control Cabinets, Telecommunications & Software

There is no question that the ITS industry and it’s supporting technologies are evolving at a lightning pace. We have worked hard to build partnerships with industry-leading companies to create cutting-edge products. We proudly stock a vast range of traffic sensors, control cabinets, telecommunications hardware and software that reflects the real-world complexity of transportation infrastructure. With our 12,000+ square foot ITS warehouse, we do our integration testing, bench testing and burn-in testing before we ship and product to our end users. Our facility is centrally located in the GTA to allow for fast order fulfillment and short lead-times.

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System Integration

Ensuring Seamless Integration Into New and Older Infrastructure

Integration is one of the most important points of any ITS projects. It’s important that any and all systems integrations are done in a seamless and uninterrupted fashion, to ensure minimal system downtime. At Stinson ITS we understand the nuances of both newer and older systems. The priority of ensuring that all systems operate smoothly and without significant interruption is our top priority, it’s this attention to detail that makes us the leaders in ITS system integrations. With a vast and varied team of in-house specialists, you never need to worry about how you will integrate any of your ITS systems or software.

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Project Management

Your Trusted Partner From Start to Finish

In our opinion, project management is about a whole lot more than simply planning and the budget, it’s about true and ongoing collaboration, right from the start of the project until the very end. Since the inception of Stinson ITS, we’ve utilized a truly collaborative process to approach project management. We’ve come to find that this collaborative approach to project management produces the most successful projects. By acting as an integrated extension of your team, you can be assured that the project support you get is exactly what you need from start to finish.

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Ongoing Maintenance

Systems Operations , Maintenance & Detailed Monitoring

At Stinson ITS we support and service all the devices and software that we sell. Our expert team will support your staff and service devices in the field as well as remotely utilizing the very latest in wireless diagnostic technology’s. All of our staff participate in ongoing training sessions to ensure that we maintain the latest iteration of the technologies we sell. We believe strongly in being accountable for the performance of the systems we provide and are strong advocates of the infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model. This model includes commitments to minimum service levels and long-term maintenance warranties.

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Research & Academic Partnerships

Ongoing Research and Education

Stinson ITS is proud to be undertaking collaborative research with a number of academic institutions across Canada. We see the future of our industry in the excitement of those students and faculty that we’ve had the pleasure to work with. Some of these joint projects have included student-led projects that have touched on various applied technologies solutions. If you are an academic institution, or a student looking to get involved in one of our many ground-breaking projects contact us anytime, we’d be happy to connect with you at any time.

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