An Intelligent Advanced Side-Fire Radar System

This dual-beam side-fire frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) traffic measurement radar is designed to identify lane, speed, class of vehicles, and calculate per lane volume, average speed, occupancy, gap, 85th percentile and headway factors.

What The Houston Radar SpeedLaneProTM® Offers

The Houston Radar SpeedlaneProTM® is the world’s lowest power usage highly integrated multi-lane traffic measurement radar. True dual-beam speed trap technology provides precise measurements without the need for in-situ calibration. This device mounts on the side of the road for non-intrusive traffic data collection and works in all weather and lighting conditions.

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Remotely Monitor Traffic

The SpeedLanePro comes with an integrated 1.3MP HD video camera that enables remote monitoring of traffic.

Easily Access Remotely

With its optional penta-band 3G GSM cellular modem, users can gain convenient remote access.

Solar Charging Capabilities

Optional MPPT solar charger allows for maximum extraction of available power; optimal for cloudy days and winter-time charging.

Advanced Technology

Comes complete with long-range Class I 2.1+EDR Bluetooth, Ethernet and RS232/RS485 serial ports.

Historical Data Capturing

Powerful SQL-based query allows users to easily select data and return it from the database interface.

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Watch the Houston Radar SpeedLaneProTM® in Action

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Houston Radar SpeedLaneProTM® Case Studies

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Challenge: Identify best practices to accurately collect traffic data.

Solution: Houston Radar SpeedLane

Result: With an SQL-based query interface, historical data was able to be accurately tracked and recorded.

Location: Peel, Ontario

Challenge: Identify a way to measure and reduce speeds in HOV lanes.

Solution: Houston Radar SpeedLane

Result: Significantly reduced speed on HOV lanes and drastically decreased the overall possibility of accidents.

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