TC-31A and Other Variants of Truck Entrance and Exit Warning Systems

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Written by: Ajay Kaushik 


After watching the video of a dump truck pushing a Mini Cooper up the on-ramp of the Gardiner Expressway in March of this year, I am personally very careful when driving around construction trucks. Transportation Canada statistics show that trucks, buses, and other large vehicles have been responsible for approximately 6-8% fatal accidents in Canada every year since 2000.

It is great to see that the general trend is showing a slow decline of fatal collisions in Canada. However, it is interesting to note that the fatal collision percentage increases to 2% from an average of less than 1% when trucks or large vehicles are involved in a collision.

Provincial governments have taken several steps to ensure that fatal collisions involving trucks and other large vehicles can be reduced through better infrastructure design, training and education of drivers, and installation of appropriate warning systems.
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Bosch On-board Analytics – Versatile ITS Applications for a Savvy User

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Written by: Michael McGuire, Stinson ITS Vice President 


Bosch is a massive player in the video analytics space with a huge team dedicated to vehicle mounted sensors for Automated Vehicles (AVs).  However, while Bosch is a large distributor of CCTV cameras, the supported analytics in these cameras has not been nearly as advanced as what was developed in their automotive divisions. Recently, over the last few years this has been changing, and we’ve seen a huge improvement within the on-board analytics of their CCTV cameras. For those in ITS this should be exciting as it’s opening up a number of new application possibilities, especially when something custom or niche is required.


The strength of Bosch’s analytics is its versatility, however; this can also be a hinderance as many cities don’t have technical staff with the product knowledge or experience to configure them.  Video analytics in the camera industry were originally designed and introduced for security applications and then eventually introduced for retail environments. Features like people counting within stores and heat maps of how people move through businesses became popular.  As these analytics have developed, the growing demand in the traffic industry has encouraged the development of traffic focused features. These same core analytic concepts are now being applied to traffic, with a little tweaking required of course.
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The Power and Promise of Smart Cities – A Miovision Perspective

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The Power and Promise of Smart Cities

We believe a smart city should keep citizens safe with streets that improve mobility for all modes of transportation. A smart city should actively employ strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and congestion, leading to improved air quality. Furthermore, a smart city should own its own data and use it to empower collaborative innovation among city departments, partners, academia, and developers who use that data to create innovative solutions to everyday problems. Once you’ve decided to make your city smarter, often the most difficult part is knowing where to start.

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