Stinson ITS - Suppliers of BlinkerSign Flashing Signal Ahead signs

BlinkerSign Flashing LED Signal Ahead signs provide motorists with advance warning of oncoming traffic signals.

  • Dimensions: 30”(H) x 30”(W)
  • Installs onto any existing or new sign post
  • Enhances visibility for new, high-incidence and high-risk intersections where static signs don’t get the job done
  • Wirelessly synchronizes to other ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) devices
  • Day-Viz™ LEDs emit high-intensity lighting at all times
  • Programmable operating options: continuously (24/7), on solar time clocks, push-buttons, motion vehicle detectors
  • Instinctively changes light output for better visibility and battery efficiency
  • Increases motorist awareness
  • Wireless nature omits the need for trenching, making it possible to install the system practically anywhere

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