The Viion TrafficCam offers the most complete, affordable and effective automated traffic monitoring solution for enforcing average speed, monitoring congestion and live streaming. With 3G, GPS and cellular onboard, the TrafficCam can be deployed in areas where only solar power is available. This unit has the ideal combination of portability and high-performance data collection.

What the Viion TrafficCam Offers

TrafficCam provides key traffic data in a wide range of areas including; the traffic flow rate, peak, mean and 85th percentile traffic speeds, the journey time between locations, origin and destination times. As well as an onboard 3G radio that allows for data to be collected regardless of the location.

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Point-and-Go Setup

Setting up a traffic enforcement camera has never been easier. With automatic discovery and native in-browser streaming, simply point at the road and use the visual cues to confirm correct aiming.

Cut the Cord

Appropriate for remote location installations, onboard 3G cellular & GPS and low power consumption for solar operation means the TrafficCam can be installed where they are needed most.

Privacy Compliant

With the use of advanced encryption for data uploads, along with zero data retention on TrafficCam devices, users privacy is guaranteed to be well protected and secure at all times.

Two-Lane Coverage

When installed at the side of a roadway, the TrafficCam is capable of recording vehicles within two adjacent lanes and is able to track vehicle speeds ranging between 10 to 160 km/h in both directions.


The TrafficCam comes with two camera sensors, an IR illuminator and a dual-core processor. Proprietary on-board algorithms track vehicle license plates, accurately record speeds and count vehicles.

Simple Integration

By using either an Ethernet, 3G or WiFi signal, TrafficCam records are posted to all network clients, and the system configuration is done through the use of a simple-to-use web interface.

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