At Stinson ITS, we have had the privilege to collaborate with countless academic officers, institutional members, professors, directors and researchers on important research projects over the years. Our focused understanding of traffic management solutions enables us to assist academics in advancing theories, gain experience for their departments and students, secure business opportunities, and more.

How We Help You

We provide expert insight and access to an extremely comprehensive selection of the most advanced traffic management solutions on the market. We have an open inquisitive, and expert team waiting to help you out with any ITS-related traffic project. Reach out to us anytime to find out more about how we can help.

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Pave The Way for Research Success

When you utilize Stinson ITS as your primary source for everything traffic and tech-related, you will benefit from our 20+ years’ industry experience. We’re here to help you get the critical information that your research work may need. As your academic partner, we are proud to support any project you may have, right from start to finish.

Leverage Cutting-Edge Traffic Tech

The traffic management technology sector is expanding at an exponential rate. Understanding this, we stay on top of the very latest tech so you can leverage it in your research and gather the critical data that you require. With our tools, equipment and expertise, we can provide your team with the valuable information they need for real project success.

Streamline Complicated Projects

When an academic project calls for open collaboration between several stakeholders, it pays to have a solid partner in your corner. The Stinson ITS team integrates seamlessly into academic and research teams, essentially becoming an extension of your team, and will provide you with true tech-focussed support throughout the duration of your project.

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