Stinson ITS Inc., formerly a division of Stinson Owl-Lite, was founded in 2020 after 5 years of continued success and growth including numerous large ITS projects all over Canada.


About Us

Stinson ITS is a Manufacturer, Distributor and System Integrator of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) with a focus on providing Turn-Key Solutions.  With a diverse and talented team, we have the expertise to assist with every aspect of a project, from early design consultations to implementation to long term operation and maintenance.  We believe in always being accountable for our work and as such have been a strong advocate of the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model.  This model involves the inclusion of minimum service levels and long-term maintenance warranties into contracts in order to ensure that systems are designed to work as intended and to last for many years to come.

Our Team

Stinson ITS Inc is a Canadian owned and operated company with now 13 employees.  As a subsidiary of Stinson Owl-lite we still utilize their accounting, admin and HR staff so these 13 employees are solely: technical salespersons, solution engineers, project managers and technical support staff.  We’re laser focused on ITS and technology and we have an extensive amount of technical and product experience amongst the group.

Our History

Stinson Equipment Ltd O/A Stinson Owl-Lite is an Ontario corporation that was established in 1960.  It currently employs 85 employees in two locations in the Region of York and one location in Alberta.

For over 55 years Stinson Owl-Lite has been committed to being on the leading edge of providing solutions for the traffic control and infrastructure industry.  Their core business has traditionally been traffic control signage and safety equipment but in the last 15 years we’ve seen tremendous growth in our ITS department which has spurred the founding of Stinson ITS Inc.

In-House Product Development

As the traffic industry has moved from traditional technology to more advanced automated systems, we have striven to keep pace with these changes and position ourselves as an innovator.  In line with this technology shift Stinson ITS has designed a number of in-house technologies, the flagship of which is the Stinson AIS, our advanced Bluetooth & WiFi sensor device, Non-Intrusive traffic counting sensors, portable camera trailers, portable vehicle detection trailers and TC31A automated truck exit warning systems.

Mission & Values

With extensive project experience to back up our credentials Stinson ITS Inc, while a newly founded subsidiary, has been operating with the same core team for over 5 years. We stand ready to deliver this solution in a timely and profession manor, utilizing our industry-leading technical expertise.

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