Changes in intersection signalization and design have affected the traditional street crossing systems and techniques used by blind and visually impaired pedestrians – making the pedestrian phase harder to recognize without seeing the visual pedestrian signal. The aBeacon Audible Pedestrian System is an Accessible Pedestrian Signal (APS) that communicates information about pedestrian timing via audible tones and verbal messages.

What the aBeacon Audible Pedestrian System Offers

The benefits of APSs is vast and in-depth research has found that APSs dramatically improve crossing performance by people who are visually impaired. These devices have a wide range of benefits to both the visually impaired and motorists alike. The system allows for more accurate judgments of the onset of the walk interval, reduce the overall number of crossings begun during the “don’t walk” interval flashing, significantly reduce delays, and result in an increase of more crossings being completed before the signal changes. The aBeacon Audible Pedestrian System offers a fully customizable APS solution that is equipped with clear, high-quality sound broadcasting. aBeacons Audible Pedestrian Systems allow visually-impaired people to be effectively guided as they cross at an intersection.
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Reduced Noise Pollution

On-demand activation by a remote, smartphone app, button press or open SDK has the biggest impact, coupled with ambient noise adjustment and scheduled max volume levels make this an ideal audible system.

Optimized Security

The system alerts motorists when a visually-impaired person is crossing the road by utilizing a super-bright flashing light that is automatically triggered when the sound is activated.

Personalized Messages

aBeacon audible signals can be set to announce any street name and can include additional information to describe the environment, for example, the presence of a two-phase crossing, or a bike/bus lane.

Excellent Sound Quality

Irreproachable sound quality and directivity are some of aBeacon’s undeniable advantages, as it enables visually-impaired people to be effectively guided as they cross by creating a clearly defined sound corridor.

Easily Adaptable

aBeacon systems are fully adaptable to any pedestrian signal. Existing installations do not need to be replaced; the terminal is simply installed to the existing signal, and the cables are easily connected.

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aBeacon Audible Pedestrian System Case Studies

Location: New York City Challenge: Ensuring better safety for blind and visually impaired people. Solution: aBeacon Audible Pedestrian System Result: Designed a connected infrastructure serving two purposes: ensuring blind and visually impaired people can cross safely, and providing geolocalized solutions for all citizens.

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